Broomielaw growth

Northern part of the Broomielaw site showing good growth and establishment 🥀

spring growth


Our site owners are starting to see good growth and establishment. I will try to get get out and about to take some photos as we see the flowers bloom 🥀

Part of the Hett site was planted earlier this year with English Oak, bare root stock, average 1.5 meters in height:

english oak

UK research hub supports net-zero land use

My old MSc thesis Prof Heiko Balzter writes what are we doing to facilitate climate action in the agriculture and land use sector in the UK? Read the article about Land Use for Net Zero, Nature and People Hub.

Small Sites

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is now mandatory for small development sites 🌱 across England.

This means BNG now applies to residential projects with one to nine dwellings on a site of 1 hectare or less and commercial projects with 1,000 square meters or less of floor space.

Top Tips can be found on the Natural Englang Blog and although the requirement for off-site BNG is likely to be small, we can cater for any amount though our established Banked sites - nothing too big 🌳 nor too small 🥀

Irreplaceable Habitats

If a Developer has irreplaceable habitats within the project site that suffer losses or deterioration, these fall outside of the biodiversity net gain mechanism. Being deemed to valuable to be compensated for, they cannot be calculated by the biodiversity metric tool and should be removed from the baseline.

Treatment of these habitats must comply with the policy, legislation and regulations in force at that time and bespoke compensation to address specific losses and deterioration agreed with the relevant planning authority.

Likely to be a minority case, but with reference to Irreplaceable Ancient Woodland, Ancient and veteran trees, we are working toward rejuvenating areas of Wood Pasture that link to existing Ancient and Semi-Natural Woodland within the Deciduous Woodland Priority Habitat Inventory.